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Buy Local

When you buy locally you know where your food is coming from. Dutton grown product is at most – fifty miles from the field or orchard – where it was picked. Many of our employees are from right here in southern Vermont, where they live and re-invest their money so you not only help our business but also help the owners and employees other local establishments.

Stop in today, help support our local economy and see what great things we have to offer! You won’t be sorry.

NOTE: Dutton’s products are not certified organic yet many of our crops are not sprayed. For the crops that are sprayed, we are very conscious in the selection of products and try to get the job done with very little or no collateral damage to the natural environment as a whole. We are firm believers in the use of Integrated Pest Management (IMP) and its practices that include scouting, cultural controls, and even the use of beneficial insects to control pests on a crop.

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